HDTV Listings for January 14, 2007

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HDTV Listings for January 14, 2007
What we're watching: The Jack Bauer Power Hour is BACK. 24 on Fox is the only option for HDTV viewing pleasure tonight. Not that we wouldn't like to check out the season premiere of Rome on HBO, or the first live high definition game from Hawaii, the Hula Bowl on ESPN-HD. We'd tell you more but we don't have enough time. You're just going to have to trust us.

Our traditional high-def listings continue below.

Here are some other HDTV programs showing on selected networks today. All times are Eastern and reruns are in italics, premieres in bold:

ABC (720p): Desperate Housewives (9 p.m.), Brothers & Sisters (10 p.m.)

CBS (1080i): Cold Case (8 p.m.), Cold Case (9 p.m.), Without a Trace (10 p.m.)

NBC (1080i): Crossing Jordan (10 p.m.)

Fox (720p): 24 (8 p.m.)

CW (1080i): Reba (7:30 p.m.)

TNT-HD (1080i): Law & Order (6 & 7 p.m.), Air Force One (8 & 10:05 p.m.)

Discovery-HD (1080i): Sunrise Earth International (7 p.m.), Fast Flight: British Isles (8 & 11 p.m.), One Six Right: The Romance of Flying (9 p.m.), An Inside Look: Aircraft Carrier (10:30 p.m.)

ESPN-HD (720p): SportsCenter (7 & 11:30 p.m.), NFL PrimeTime (8 p.m.), 2007 Hula Bowl: Kai vs. Aina (8:30 p.m.)

ESPN2-HD (720p): N/A

INHD (1080i): My Chemical Romance (8 p.m.), Timeless (9 p.m.), Geared Up (9:30 p.m.), Beer Nutz (10 p.m.), Wall Street Warriors (10:30 p.m.), London Live (11 p.m.), Three Sheets (11:30 p.m.)

HDNet (1080i): Dan Rather Reports (7 p.m.), True Music w/ Katie Daryl (8 & 11 p.m.), Sound Off with Matt Pinfield (8:30 & 11:30 p.m.), Gorillaz - Demon Days Live (9 p.m.),Keane - Live at the Aragon Ballroom Chicago (10 p.m.)

HDNet Movies (1080i): Days of Thunder (6:05 p.m.), Apocalypse now Redux (8 p.m.), Jacob's Ladder (11:30 p.m.)

Universal HD (1080i): Conviction (7 p.m.), Empire (8 p.m.), Monk (10 p.m.), Judgement Night (11 p.m.)

HBO-HD (1080i): Rome (8 p.m.), Rome (9 p.m.), Munich (10:30 p.m.)

Showtime-HD (1080i): Mad Hot Ballroom (6:05 p.m.), Pretty Woman (8 p.m.), The L Word (10 p.m.)

MAX-HD (1080i): Live Wire (6:30 p.m.), Assault on Precinct 13 (8 p.m.), Bachelor Party '84 (10 p.m.)

STZ HD (1080i): Enemy of the State (6:45 p.m.), Underworld (9 p.m.), The Fog (10:50 p.m.)
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