Already sexy, TiVo brings fast forward ads back

There's nothing that DVR owners like more than a good commercial, so TiVo subscribers will be overjoyed to learn that the company has once again begun overlaying advertisements to entertain viewers during those interminable seconds it takes to fast forward from one TV segment to another. Wait a minute, that's not right. There's nothing that DVR owners hate more than commercials, which is one of the reasons that they pay a monthly fee for the privilege of zipping through Madison Avenue's wares. Well despite the fact that reactions were pretty negative the first time TiVo decided to drop banner ads on top of the fast forward screen, apparently the still shots (and their resulting revenue) were popular enough among company execs to warrant a second go-round. Unlike the initial implementation, however, these new ads supposedly mirror the commercials being skipped; so if you're zooming past a BMW ad, for instance, you'll likely see pics of a German luxury car superimposed on the content being ignored. Also back on the scene are the little green on-screen "thumbs up" icons that allow you to use your remote to access -- you guessed it -- even more commercials. With all the menu screen, post-roll, and now fast forward pitches that TiVo owners have to deal with, we're wondering if the company should take a page from Web 2.0 and drop the subscription fee altogether in favor of a strictly ad-based model. Either way, when the firestorm of Engadget ads begins hitting the airwaves, we promise not to subject our dear readers to this kind of treatment -- but only because our 1337 commercials will be disabling your remotes.

[Via PVR Wire]