Asus intros VX2 Lamborghini laptop

Asus has already given its premium Lamborghini-branded laptops a few upgrades, but the company's now seen fit to give the line a more significant spec bump, announcing the second-gen VX2 series. While the model name would seem to suggest more than just a few tweaks, Asus is keeping most of the details under wraps for the time being, only going so far to say that it'll ship with Windows Vista and be based on Intel's Core 2 Duo-based Centrino Duo Mobile platform. Otherwise, Asus is mostly talking up the laptop's fit and finish, including its aluminum-magnesium alloy or carbon fiber casing (depending on the model), a metallic keyboard, a leather-bound palm rest, and a "glare-type LCD display," although we're not sure they should be bragging about that last feature. Unfortunately, Asus is also staying quiet on pricing and availability, so you'll have to make do without that added glare for a little while longer.

[Via Reg Hardware]