SanDisk kicks out M2 flash cards for Sony Ericsson handsets

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.16.07

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SanDisk kicks out M2 flash cards for Sony Ericsson handsets
We'll never understand Sony's perpetual obsession with proprietary formats, especially in regard to flash memory, but nonetheless, SanDisk is filling in the void for a large format Memory Stick Micro (M2) card by pumping out its GB1 / MB2 offerings. The MB2 comes in 512MB and 1GB sizes, while the GB1 ups the ante to 2GB of capacity. If you've discovered just how worthless those SD cards are to your new Sony Ericsson handset, we feel your pain, but if you need extra room for your K610, K800, K790, M600/608, V630, W300, W710, W712, Z530, Z550, Z710, or Z712, here's your answer. Additionally, owners of the D750, K750, P910, P990, V800, W700, W800/810, W850, W900, or Z800 will be able to utilize SanDisk's latest courtesy of the included Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter that comes bundled in. The trio of cards are slated to start shipping later this month, and while the big fellow will run you a steep $119.99, the 1GB flavor only demands $54.99, while you can snag 512MB for $44.99.

[Via MobileTechReview]
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