Sony's Vaios prepped for Vista: updates to T, F, F TV, G, A, S, and U models

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Sony's Vaios prepped for Vista: updates to T, F, F TV, G, A, S, and U models
Sony just coughed up their new Vista-enabled VAIO lineup for Japan. The biggest news here is that the latest T, F, F TV, G, S, and type U ultra-portable all come pre-loaded with Vista starting January 30th. Otherwise, we're just looking at minor spec jumps and color changes. On the color tip, the 11.1-inch Vaio T (pictured) now hits in your choice of Bordeaux, green or rose; the Vaio U can now be ordered in blue when opting for the 32GB SSD model; and the 12.1-inch Vaio G sports a new premium brown carbon fiber chassis in addition to black. Models touting a bump in specs include the 13.3-inch Vaio S which now features a 2.33GHz T7600 Core 2 Duo processor; the 17-inch Vaio A now maxed out with the T7200 Core 2 Duo proc; the 15.4-inch Vaio F series sportin' a 1.66GHz T2300 Core Duo and nVidia GeForce Go 7600; and the 15.4-inch Vaio F TV now with a terrestrial tuner built standard into all models with the top-ender packing a T7400 Core 2 Duo processor, 200GB of disk, and webcam. All hit Japan starting January 30th. Pics of the other models after the break.
Vaio U in blue with 32GB SSD

Vaio G in premium brown

Vaio S

Vaio A

Vaio F TV

Vaio F

Vaio T in rose

Vaio T in bordeaux

Vaio T in green
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