Sony's Vaio UX, now with 32GB of Solid State Disk

Sony continues kickin' out the updates on the VAIO UX lineup with a new 32GB Solid State Disk option for those tempted to drop Yen in Japan. And tempted they will be since the larger capacity SSD brings sufficient capacity for XP and MS Office without the heat and vibration associated with the current 40GB hard disk. What's more, that SSD smokes the HDD's read/write times while extending battery life, dropping the weight, and cutting OS boot and sleep recovery times by half in the process. You'll pay for the privilege though with the 16GB SSD option already demanding a pricey ¥60,000 premium (about $515) which should bump the take-home price to right around 3 grand. Still if given the choice between this and the $2,663 Q1-SSD with that same 32GB SSD and OS, well, we'd probably take our chances on the UX dontchathink?

[Via Impress]