Draenei have left the Exodar!

Paul Sherrard
P. Sherrard|01.17.07

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Draenei have left the Exodar!

EVERYBODY PANIC! Actually, it seems as though everyone else wanting to quickly level a Draenei did just what I did. They got off of Azuremyst Isle as quickly as possible, and headed back to comfortable and familiar hunting grounds. In my case, that was Goldshire.

I can only imagine how those poor humans felt as they saw a half-dozen squid-faced monsters earth-shocking their way through the Fargodeep Mine. Sure, the puny humans fled, but that's because they understood the might of the Draenei when we had a raid of 2 to take down Hogger. The wide-open spaces of your Goldshire amused us, and soon we were taking over logging duties in Eastvale, also slaying those silly little murloc things by the dozen. GLURGLURGLELURGLE indeed.

Running back into Stormwind, I was constantly accosted by people saying things such as, "How's the weather up there?" and "Nice face, blue face."

Do they not realize that we're only barely taller than night elves, WHO ARE ALSO BLUE TINGED? Words hurt, people, words hurt. However, one funny soul decided to follow me around asking "Can you make trinkcits?" Yes, "trinkcits."

No, I cannot make your "trinckits" yet. I can make a little golem who spits healing love at me. I can even make copper rings if you ask nicely, and give me some money for this weekend party the Naga are having.

I think the point I'd like to make is that yes, we're Draenei, yes we're new to you, but we're not new to us. We've been traveling around in our spacesh...interdimensional vessel.. for quite some time, and if it weren't for those accursed elves (blood not night, we love you, really we do) we'd have continued past your Scourge-infested world and on to happier times with the Naaru and the warmth of the light.

So please, ask your children not to tug on our tentacles, do not call us "squidbillies" behind our backs, and do not assume we all know jewelcrafting (even if we do). We're regular folk, just like you and that gnome over there, and we're here to help you fight the Burning Legion. Now, can I get a summon?

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