Panasonic updates Toughbooks: W5, T5, Y5 all Vista ready

In addition to launching the new R6 today, Panasonic gave their W5, T5, and Y5 Toughbooks new silicon in preparation for the new Vista OS. First off, the W5 and T5 get their first taste of Core Duo with the 1.06GHz U2400 processor. That nudges battery life from 8 to 10.5 on the 12.1-inch W5 all the way up to 14-hours -- as claimed by Panny -- on the touch-sensitive, 12.1-inch T5. Meanwhile, the 14.1-inch Y5 steps it up to the 1.83GHz L2500 Core Duo processor with battery life now upped from 6 to 8.5-hours. All other specs and prices remain relatively unchanged. All three hit January 30th in line with the consumer release of Vista yet, for whatever reason, these slabs come pre-loaded with Windows Vista Business released back in November.