The future of Xbox Live, you decide

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The future of Xbox Live, you decide
person of the yearLooks like Microsoft is attempting to exploit Time's 'Person of the Year.' That's right, the Live Anywhere developer has chosen 'You' to decide its online service's fate. On his blog, Microsoft platform strategist Andre Vrignaud has called on readers to post their ideas about Xbox Live. Specifically, Vrignaud is interested in long term strategies involving the Live Anywhere initiative. What's your five-year plan?

Vrignaud does warn than any thoughts posted on his site will become public domain, adding, "If you have some ideas that you want to keep private because you think you might do something with them yourself one day, you should not post them here." Assuming you aren't harboring such grand designs, this is a great opportunity to let Microsoft know what Live is lacking. Have at it.
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