Japanese release day highlights: 01.18.07

Jonti Davies
J. Davies|01.18.07

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Jonti Davies
January 18th, 2007
Japanese release day highlights: 01.18.07

Korea gets the DS Lite today, while Japan just gets a couple of excellent new DS games. Where's the justice in that? We've already been lured by Wario the Seven's new Japanese TV ads and, of course, by its utterly stupid name. Now it's time to burn our Yen in the name of big moustaches. We'll also be lighting our notes for these newcomers/latecomers:
  • Gears of War (we heard something about this game being "popular" in America; Xbox 360)
  • Excite Truck (better late than never; Wii)
  • Sekaiju no Meikyuu (Atlus' woody good RPG; DS)
  • Shining Force Ikusa (no need to take turns; PS2)
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