Game Boy modded for less Tetris, more iPod

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Game Boy modded for less Tetris, more iPod
An NES controller-enhanced iPod is one thing, but to really put that tried-and-true old school Nintendo industrial design to some blasphemous new uses you'll have to do what Flickr user "sirljohns" did, gutting an original Game Boy to make quite possibly the most badass iPod case ever. Sadly, the only Tetris you'll be playing on the Game Boy once you're done with it is the iPod's own pale imitation, but at least you'll still be able to make use of the Game Boy's well-worn buttons, as they're wired up to an internal dock connector to allow for full control without requiring you to slice open the iPod itself. The less technically proficient among us may want to click down a bit further in sirljohns Flickr photostream, where you'll find details on modifying a vintage Sony WM-F10 Walkman for a less functional but only slightly less stylin' iPod case.

[Via MAKE:Blog]
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