Saturday PSP background explosion [Update 1]

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|01.21.07

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Saturday PSP background explosion [Update 1]

It's Saturday night and my PSP needs to look sexy for its night out on the town. Looks like this calls for the Saturday PSP background explosion. We're back this week with a background for an ARPG, a music game and an anime. Want to know what the backgrounds are?

Backgrounds after the jump ...

[Update 1: Fixed linkage.]

We've mentioned Gurumin quite a bit in the past, so it should be no surprise that I used this official art as a PSP background. A word of warning though, this background is so full of sweetness you may get teeth rotting cavities. You've been warned!

Earlier today we pointed our readers to some downloadable songs from the upcoming DJ Max Portable 2. While the songs are obviously the draw, one of the things I have always thought was the coolest about the DJ Max Portable games is their art. With that in mind, this background comes from the official art from one of the songs. Now you can look at this background while listening to music from the game.

Sexy girls and violence is like chocolate and peanut butter, they just go great together. That's why Elfen Lied is one of my favorite anime. This haunting art from the anime's opening should give you some idea of the tone of the show. If you haven't checked this show out yet, it just recently came out in thinpack form from ADV.

To put these as your PSP background, you can either save them on your computer and transfer or save them directly to your PSP. When you're viewing the it from your image folder on the PSP just hit the triangle button to bring up your options and select "Set as Wallpaper".

Feel free to e-mail or reply in the comments any suggestions for backgrounds you may have and enjoy!

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