360 tilt mod: 360AXIS?

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360 tilt mod: 360AXIS?
The mod lovers over at Xbox-Scene discovered this tilt sensing mod for the Xbox 360 controller. Created with an accelerometer and some digital-to-analog wizardry, the controller functions in much the same way as the PS3 SIXAXIS controller. The tilt fuctions are mapped to the left analog stick, so tilt input will be limited to movement. Of course, all of this sounds great on paper, but most of us just want to see it in action. Lucky for us all, the mod's creator, Adam Thole, captured a video of the tilt controller in all its glory. Check it out after the break.

For those that are interested in the controller, Thole is considering selling the mod itself, or completely modded controllers. If you don't want to wait for him to start mass production, you can bid for his original tilt controller on eBay (at $61 as of this posting).

[Via Xbox-Scene. Thanks, GP2S]
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