JVC's HP-NCX77 noise canceling buds

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JVC's HP-NCX77 noise canceling buds
Like to take your lossless tunes on the road do ya? Problem is, even if you're living like a unabomber, you've still got plenty of ambient noise ready to spoil your audiophileatio, eh? Not so brother. That is, not if you pick up JVC's HP-NCX77 noise canceling headphones. These in-ear buds will cancel unwanted frequencies -- dropping the noise by about 20% according to JVC -- for about 70-hours on a single Alkaline battery. Switch to "monitor" and listen-in to the paranoid footsteps of the modern industrial society closing in. Hitting dystopian shacks in Japan next month for a price of about ¥8,000 / $66.

[Via Impress]
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