So you didn't buy the Burning Crusade

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|01.22.07

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So you didn't buy the Burning Crusade

Just about everyone I know in WoW has jumped headfirst into the Burning Crusade, whether going to Outlands or leveling new blood elves and draenei. Many people who quit the game a long time ago have also come back, looking for a fresh start in the new content. But what about the people who didn't buy the expansion?

Kaiza of Dunemaul complains on the forums about how Burning Crusade seems to be mandatory, and relates her experiences of trying to PVP without the expansion. She suggests that Blizzard create a 60-only bracket where people who don't buy the expansion can compete as, essentially, twinks. Her hostile tone makes her few friends, and most posters seem to have the same question I do -- if you love WoW, why the heck wouldn't you buy the expansion? The people I know who haven't bought it are either trying to quit WoW or had to wait for their boyfriend/girlfriend to get it too. As for the PVP brackets, I agree with Topspin, who says, "Look at it this way. People paid 40 dollars so they could whip up on people who decided to be cheap."

Do you know anyone who's still playing WoW, but doesn't plan to buy the Burning Crusade? If so, why?

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