Virtua Fighter 5, gameplay videos galore

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Virtua Fighter is not for everyone. Outside of Japan, it's never gotten the attention of a Tekken or a Soul Calibur or, to a lesser extent, a Dead or Alive. Some will argue that it's a critical darling, but critical success doesn't necessarily translate to high sales numbers. As old school SEGA fans, we have a soft spot for the series (in fact, I prefer it to Tekken or DOA), so we're going to pimp it all we can. GameTrailers has unleashed several new videos of the game in action (PS3 version). Two things are evident from these videos. One, it's real purdy. Two, it's painful to watch people that don't really know how to play (something that's true of all fighting games). Still, these videos should give hopeful fans an idea of what to expect when the game hits the Xbox 360 this summer. Check out three more videos after the break.

Lei-Fei and Pai battle it out. Nothing withstands the might of Pai's triple punch roundhouse!

Vanessa kicks Kage's ass.

"What's that? You don't know how to play this either? This should be a pretty even match then."

All of these videos (and more) can be found in HD at GameTrailers. Any more Virtua Fighter fans out there waiting for this?
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