'Hold your wee for a Wii' audio recording

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Audio recordings are now available of the radio station sponsored water drinking contest for a Wii, which caused the death of a woman due to water intoxication. Jennifer Strange, 28, died after drinking over two gallons of water in Sacramento radio station 107.9 The End's "Hold your wee for a Wii" contest. The clips above are highlights of the best-of-the-worst moments when 20/20 hindsight is applied.

Caller: "I want to say that, um, that those people that are drinking all that water can get sick and possibly die of water intoxication."
DJ 1: "Yeah, we're aware of that."
DJ 2:"They signed releases, so we're not responsible. It's OK."
After some more witty banter about people dying, they figure they're golden as long as they, "MAKE SURE SHE SIGNS THE RELEASE!"

The attorney retained by the Strange family looks to be going after everyone involved in the contest, even possibly Nintendo, to get one hefty, hefty, hefty pay day. After listening to that audio, we can't imagine how any jury is going to let those involved in this contest go without making a sizable contribution to Strange's three children's college fund.
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