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Takara kicks out Transformers Optimus Prime iPod speaker dock

While Takara's no stranger to offering up unusual (albeit very tempting) goods, the firm is now pumping out one of the most unique (and trust us, that's saying something) iPod docks to ever hit shelves. Not too long after seeing a life-sized Gundam construction, our cartoonish fantasies are becoming ever more realized, as now we have the ability to pre-order the Optimus Prime Convoy iPod docking bay. As expected, the machine is coated in white, touts a (presumably weak) stereo speaker system, and even rocks a questionable "licensed by Apple" claim, but we'd be surprised if these guys have paid their 10-percent yet. Regardless, this guy transforms from big rig (pictured after the jump) to terrorizer in seconds flat, and can wheel your iPod around while blasting tunes from the trailer when not conquering villages and eliciting smiles. So if you need no more introduction, you can reserve one of these for yourself for $144, but we'd highly recommend the $2 upgrade for "collector's grade," whatever that means.

[Via Plastic Bamboo]