MS wants simultaneous Vista & 360 releases

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MS wants simultaneous Vista & 360 releases
According to a recent article on, Microsoft is pushing its third party publishers to release games simultaneously for both Windows Vista and the Xbox 360. The move is designed to facilitate bringing the two platforms together, and no doubt to encourage more developers to make games that are playable across both platforms over Live. According to Rick Wickham, director for Windows Gaming, several titles are expected to debut simultaneously for both platforms this year (we imagine Shadowrun will be the first). He adds that the final decision to make a simultaneous release is left to the publishers.

Of course, the big question: is Live more appealing if it allows matches against PC gamers? More players is always better, but there are concerns. For instance, there are already worries that mouse players will dominate controller players at FPS games. What do you think? Are you excited, disinterested, a little verklempt?

[Via Tech Digest]
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