Explay's nanoprojector gets a little face time

While we were able to get a little hands-on time with Microvision's own minuscule projector earlier this month at CES, the folks over at TFOT were able to snag some face time with Explay's ridiculously small nanoprojector. This itty bitty source of entertainment was supposed to land right around this time, and although the latest form is still a prototype, it looks like solid progress is being made. The Israeli-based company showed off a design which featured a full-fledged PJ that was just marginally larger "than a cigarette box," and claims that the final product will be "around 20-cubic centimeters and around 5-centimeters in length." Essentially, Explay's unit utilizes "a combination of laser and LED light sources," otherwise known as an Advanced Spatial Light Modulator (ASLM), and in the time they had to view it in action, there were quite impressed. They noted the relatively low 320 x 240 resolution, but were satisfied with the image quality from one to two feet away, and praised its ability to remain in focus regardless of distance from the screen. The company has revamped its hopeful ship date, and now suggests that we'll see a finalized version on store shelves next quarter, and while pricing will indeed vary by production number, it should start "in the low $700 range." Click on through for a few more in-action snapshots, and be sure to hit the read link for the full skinny on this diminutive projector.