Hands-on with Microvision's itty bitty projector

They said it was coming and sho'nuff, we spotted Microvision's tiny projector for mobile devices here on the CES floor. Verdict? There's some potential, future hotness here. Their setup projected a roughly 10-inch image onto the wall just a few feet away. Naturally, we're not talking about a high-res image and color reproduction is definitely lacking, but it's certainly watchable especially if you're only sharing a few minutes of video with friends or colleagues. However, the circuity (at least at this stage) will add some serious bulk to todays ultra-thin handsets. But when you consider the interest expressed in watching digital mobile TV on tiny handsets, well, there's certainly a developing market here ready to be tapped. Especially by 2008, Microvision's target for bringing this technology to market. Hear that venture capitalists, Microvision needs your love.

Hands on with Microsvision's itty bitty projector