GolfLogix teams with Garmin to give caddies a break

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.26.07

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GolfLogix teams with Garmin to give caddies a break
With Brandt Snedeker upstaging Tiger's return to the greens, we have to wonder if he didn't get ahold of GolfLogix's latest gizmo before heading out to the tee box. The self-named GolfLogix handheld GPS exercises an exclusive agreement that allows the company to "utilize its proprietary golf software on Garmin's popular eTrex line of GPS receivers." Since this still-debatable technology has been given the USGA and R&A blessing, folks looking to more accurately judge the distances, terrain, and unforeseen hazards up ahead can legally take advantage of its 1.25- x 2.25-inch LCD, automatic advancement to the next hole, large on-screen numbers, water / shockproof enclosure, personalization features, and backlit screen to get an edge. The built-in 12-channel GPS receiver claims to be accurate within two meters, and while we're not exactly sure how much internal memory is included, it can hold "multiple courses" simultaneously. The unit itself should start shipping soon after its stint at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and while one free course download comes with the $349 pricetag, you'll probably want to invest the yearly $29.95 for unlimited course access if you plan on moving around much.
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