Wii News Channel to debut this Saturday

Jared Rea
J. Rea|01.25.07

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Wii News Channel to debut this Saturday
Come this Saturday, Wii owners won't even have to put down their waggle-wand to find out how the Wii has shattered the life of another owner, so long as the Associated Press reports it. In a two-year deal with Nintendo, the Associated Press has agreed to supply the Wii's News Channel with both top stories and photographs from around the world.

The news itself will be delivered much like the Weather Channel -- on an interactive map. Should you want the local news in a specific location, you may simply select it on the map. This must be how god in all her infinite wisdom and five thighs views our world.

The free News Channel (aside from an internet connection, duh) has but one requirement: the Opera browser. So if you plan on shunning all forms of communication to the outside world other than your Wii, you'd better download it now before they actually start charging for it.

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