AACS sez: Blu-ray and HD DVD titles compromised, loosed into the wilds

It's official, AACS protection on Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD has indeed been compromised. The AACS Licensing Authority was quick to assure the industry that their AACS encryption was still intact. Rather, the keys used to unlock commercial films had been stolen by exploiting "flaws" in "one or more" of the hi-def players. The AACS LA also confirmed that the breach affects both Blu-ray and HD DVD. So it's true, muslix64 and Co are snagging the "title keys" as they are exchanged between the player and optical media. Of course, anyone trolling the usenet and torrents already knows this full well. But isn't it nice to see the rubber stamp of disapproval from an industry on its heels?

[Via Yahoo! News, thanks Philip S.]