GTX Corporation unveils GPS-equipped Xplorer shoes

It seems like Sayo Isaac Daniel has some serious competition coming at him in the GPS shoe market, as GTX Corporation is unveiling its latest geo-tracking footwear at next week's World Shoe Association trade show. The questionably styled Xplorer kicks pack an internal GPS transceiver, built-in battery that's good for "several days" before needing a recharge, and a sleek Dual GeoFencing feature that keeps your offspring on a leash gives parents peace of mind. Shoe owners (read: paranoid guardians) can utilize the firm's "internet portal" in order to pinpoint limited boundaries in which the wearer can, um, Xplore, and if the person's shoes ever leave the pre-set area, a phone alert will be immediately sent to a pre-selected individual to warn them. No pricing or release information was readily available, but if we had to guess, we doubt your kiddo will be begging for these next school year anyway.

[Via NaviGadget]