Hack lets you swap 20GB Xbox 360 drive with... 20GB drive

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Hack lets you swap 20GB Xbox 360 drive with... 20GB drive
We suppose it's the principle of the thing, and on principle, TheSpecialist's new HDDHacker v0.5B really does let you use your very own HDD in lieu of Microsoft's $100 add-on number, but since Microsoft has firmly set the add-on HDD cap at 20GB (for legit Xbox Live-related usage), you won't be gaining much more than a moral win by following through with this hack. If you feel like really sticking it to The Man, you can use an 40GB 2.5-inch drive, but after running the hack it'll still show up as a 20 gigger for the 360's purposes. You'll also need the Microsoft enclosure to hook this up to your Xbox, so you might as well just fork over the $100 if you bought the Core 360 package and have been hankerin' for a HDD. Though, TheSpecialist seems to think the actual hook-up job shouldn't be too terribly hard for a competent hacker, so it really could be possible for you to drop a few bucks on a Western Digital BEVS Series drive (the only kind that works with the hack), copy the relevant sectors for a legit Xbox 360 drive, and have your very own Microsoft-free storage setup. The Man won't know what hit him.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]
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