Echo Robotics kicks out matchmaker bears for the socially impaired

Alright fellas, you've got just over a fortnight remaining before what could possibly be your one and only shot (at least for this year) at hooking up with your dream gal, but if all the singles still in the pool end up toting one of Echo Robotics' latest creations, the hard work will already be done. In what looks to be the next step in finding true companionship for the socially impaired, the Echo team has unveiled a prototype bear which "serves as a nucleation point for conversation," and gives off your choice of signal when you've just brushed by your (potential) soulmate. Essentially, you program your "interests" into the Echo via Bluetooth, and when coming into range of another Echo (which can be housed in any "skin" or stuffed animal) with similar interests (hobbies, work, alma mater, etc.), it will start acting up by waving to alert you to start breakin' that ice. Of course, these little guys are only effective when being carried around by perfect strangers you come near, but the idea is intriguing nonetheless. So if you're interested in carrying around a conversation starter with you at all times, and want to bring back the Tamagotchi craze in a whole new light, be sure to click on through for the prototype in action.

[Via RobbotGossip]