Every NES game ever on eBay

This isn't the first bulk sale of hundreds of retro games on eBay, and it certainly won't be the last, but that doesn't mean we're not impressed by the completeness of this particular collection. Currently the bidding is at an impressive $5,200 with just over 6 days to go, which isn't surprising considering what's included: 670 NES games, which the seller claims constitutes "every game ever made" for the Nintendo Entertainment System. If achieving your childhood dream of owning, we repeat, every NES game ever made, isn't enough for you, then you'll no doubt explode when you see that ROB the robot, a Power Glove, a multitude of other accessories, and that essential NES console are all part of the deal. When you wake up in a couple of hours -- after you finish reading this post you'll pass out due to an overwhelming wave of nostalgia, trust us -- you better cross your fingers and check this post's comment's section in the hope that someone has found a flaw in the deal, otherwise you'll be forever jealous of the winner.

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