Ghost Rider, the flaming skull guy previewed

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|01.28.07

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Steven Bailey
January 28th, 2007
Ghost Rider, the flaming skull guy previewed

Could Ghost Rider be God of War with a comic license pasted on top? It's unlikely, but it sure would be amazing if Ghost Rider had even half the game of Kratos. While IGN's current preview does go over some of the game's features, it gives very little opinion on the title's quality. Here are some tidbits from the preview for those interested in Ghost Rider:

  • Ghost Rider has light or heavy attacks he can use to create combos
  • Once an enemy is injured enough, a variety of finishing moves can be used to defeat them
  • Some levels involve riding the Hell Cycle
  • The game has five chapters
  • Between chapters there will be comic book style cut-scenes
  • There will be cameos from other Marvel characters like Lilith and Scarecrow
  • PSP owners will of course get exclusive content like multiplayer via adhoc for up to 4 players

To read the preview in full, check out IGN.

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