Meizu's M8? Apple lawyers, start your engines

We're not sure if the pics above are the result of an engorged, Chinese fanboy fantasy or actual product renderings of Meizu's rumored M8. We wouldn't be surprised either way what with China-based Meizu's history of uh, Apple inspired design. Posted by a senior discussion-forum jockey on the Meizu site, the M8 is now said to measure in at a scant 57x105x11.5-mm and packs both a GSM and Chinese TD-SCDMA 3G radio, a 3.3-inch 720x480 pixel display, Bluetooth, a 3 megapixel camera, and an ARM11 CPU capable of recording video at 30fps at the device's full 720 x 480 resolution. Too good to be true? Perhaps, but if not Meizu than certainly some other nimble Chinese outfit will be unveiling their iPhone clone soon enough and likely well before the iPhone hits Asia sometime in 2008. And as we've seen, even Apple's tenacious legal team can be helpless in the face of shutting down copycats on foreign turf. Picture 'round back after the break.

[Via dapreview, thanks Vinn]