Microsoft demoes Vista... on an iMac

Maybe it really is all peace and love n' stuff over there in Europe; Espen Pettersen "Vista-sjef" for Microsoft Norway was caught giving a demo on TV of Vista's fantabulous new features... on an iMac. We don't speak Norwegian so we can't tell you whether he's extolling the true virtues of Apple's consumer desktop centerpiece, or whether some prankster back at HQ sent him out to demo with the wrong machine -- but whatever reason why Microsoft runs Vista on iMacs, we're most curious to know whether Jobs & Co. is one of today's unnamed Vista developer / hardware partners.

[Thanks, Geezer]

Update: VGTV let us know it's not as bad as it looks for Microsoft: "[The iMac] belongs to the TV channel that staged the programme, and it was used because it was the only available computer with Vista on it at the time." Wait, so Microsoft showed up to do a TV demo of Vista... without their own machine? That's almost worse than deliberately bringing an Apple box; still, nothing we said was incorrect, Espen did indeed demo Vista on an iMac, which we now know he must not have been thrilled about.