Bloody well done 360 Case Mod

David Dreger
D. Dreger|01.31.07

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Bloody well done 360 Case Mod
Fanboy David Hinkle sent us a link to a very well put together case mod. It's so well put together, in fact, that we'll ignore what kind of "fanboy" he is. has made a Blood Splattered Case mod, complete with obligatory hand print on the left side/bottom, and views of the console's innards on the right side/top. It looks very sharp would do any Dead Rising or Gears of War enthusiast proud, and definitely beats out the Diamond case reported earlier. What's most disturbing is that it almost does too good of a job looking like blood, and makes us wonder where, or from whom, did he get the material to do so. Anyway, major props are in order for either making such a convincing case mod, or blatantly flaunting the evidence without getting caught. Side view and picture of the case mod installed after the break.

It looks really nice, even if a little on the "'M' for Mature" side. What do you think? Would you go to such lengths in customizing your console, or do you think he's just over compensating for having a Core system?

[Via, Thanks David Hinkle]

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