Boston-Power unveils long-lasting "Sonata" laptop battery

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Following through on its promise, upstart Boston-Power has taken the wraps off its much-hyped laptop battery, now officially known as "Sonata," showing off the new-and-improved lithium-ion technology at the DEMO 07 conference that's rolled into Palm Desert, California this week. The company's also taken the opportunity to add some more specificity to its claims, boasting that the Sonata battery will last the life of your laptop and charge faster than any other batteries on the market, filling up to eighty percent capacity in just half an hour -- not to mention be less likely to explode. What's more, the battery will apparently not require any design changes on the part of laptop manufacturers, with HP already working with the company in the testing and validation process -- and presumably set to be one of the first to offer the battery. Not surprisingly, you can also expect the battery to come in at a premium price compared to traditional laptop batteries, although the company isn't saying exactly how much more they'll run. We should find out soon enough, however, with the first laptops using Sonata batteries expected to ship sometime this summer.

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