Knight Rider K.I.T.T. clone hits eBay sans Turbo Boost

Sure, we're probably all guilty of fanboy bickering at one point or another in our lives, but even if you prefer the whips found in Back to the Future or Ghost Rider above all, just about anyone who appreciates restorations (and whiz-bang interiors) would be forced to give this faithful clone its due credit. The Ontario-based 1984 Pontiac Trans Am reportedly became a $40,000 project to turn an ordinary ride into a blast from the past, as the owner took extra care in crafting the posh dashboard and sleek exterior cues to mimic the real K.I.T.T. (which already sold) found in Knight Rider. Aside from the throwback lighting system and branded steering wing, this bad boy packs twin four-inch LCDs, "real working gauges," DVD / CD / MP3 players, and a custom stereo system with amplifiers. No, this ride doesn't come with any sort of warranty (nor a functioning Turbo Boost, sadly), and unless you're a Canuck, you'll be making a trip across the border to pick it up, but if you've got the $19,000 (or more) to burn, here's your chance to be David Hasselhoff incarnate. Click on through for a few more pics, or hit up the auction for the full spill.

[Via Autoblog]