Lenovo intros Vista-equipped SFF A55 ThinkCentre desktop

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.31.07

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Lenovo intros Vista-equipped SFF A55 ThinkCentre desktop
With all this talk about small-form-factor PCs going on, not to mention the Vista-equipped computer bandwagon that's steaming through today, Lenovo apparently figured it might as well hop on. Rather than changing the model name completely, the A55 SFF simply sports a trio of extra letters, a 64-percent smaller enclosure than its larger counterpart, and a claim to be around 25-percent tinier than "the conventional small desktop." Moreover, this wee PC will pack a mysterious Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Windows Vista, DVD writer, an optional floppy drive (saywha?), and a whole smorgasbord of other not-yet-mentioned components within a case not much larger than "your average briefcase." Customers who pick this up will be graced with the outfit's ThinkVantage Technologies, such as Rescue and Recovery and Client Security System, and considering the relatively low starting price of $579, this unit might not be a bad fit for your overly cramped office when it lands next month.

[Via 64-Bit-Computers]
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