Dell working on a gaming handheld?

Surely you jest! But we don't, you see, 'cause it comes straight from the horse's proverbial mouth. The worldwide head of gaming for Dell, Abizar Vahkaria, was recently asked by UK publication PC Plus whether Dell was planning to release some sort of gaming-oriented handheld, to which Vahkaria replied: "You know, that's definitely one that's on the radar screen, but we have no plans to talk about anything today." That's not quite a tacit admission, and there's no telling how comprehensive Abizar's radar screen happens to be, but it's a pretty exciting word all the same from a company whose product range seems to be shrinking rather than growing of late, given the demise of the DJ and lack of updates for the Axim (pictured to the right, rocking a bit of Quake III). Along with the doubt of the actual implications of this statement, it's really anyone's guess what sort of form a Dell "gaming-oriented handheld" might take -- it could be anything from a souped-up UMPC to a specifically designed Axim -- but while we're conjecturing, why might as well go hog wild and assume they're building a PSP / DS / iPod killer, right?

[Via Brighthand]