Dell finishes off its MP3 offerings, axes the Ditty

It seems like it was just yesterday when the nifty little Dell DJ Ditty was thrown into the ring, aiming at giving the iPod shuffle (among other minuscule flash-based players) a run for its money. We even heard Dell say that the Ditty was alive and well when they offed their hard drive-based DAPs awhile back, but obviously things have went unexpectedly awry, and Dell's thrown in the towel on portable audio -- for now. Noted for its tiny screen and utter lack of standout features, not to mention the off-the-wall advertising campaign, the Dell DJ Ditty never really "took off," and apparently couldn't deliver the profit margins necessary to stay afloat in this cutthroat market. But don't be too down on your luck, dear friends, as there's just about a bajillionotherDAPsoutthere that will surely ease the pain of your loss.

[Via DAPreview]