Rollins resigns, Michael back as Dell CEO

With growth on the decline and competition heating up, it looks like Kevin Rollins has had enough of the cutthroat PC game, and has resigned his posts as Dell CEO and board member. Now Michael Dell has returned to the helm of his baby, after handing over the top spot to Rollins in 2004. Shares of Dell are up now that the founder is back in his place, but HP is all up in his grill right now, and the company warned on Tuesday that it would be missing analyst earning expectations for its fiscal fourth-quarter, so it's clear Mike is going to have an uphill battle in the attempt to return Dell to its former undisputed status atop the PC industry. Mr. Dell, who will retain his position as chairman of the board, said in a press release, "Dell has tremendous opportunities ahead of it, I am enthusiastic about Dell 2.0, which includes our plan to provide the best customer experience, build a strong global services business and ensure our products deliver the best long-term customer value." Dell 2.0, huh? We're down, let's see what you've got.