D-Wade Limited Edition Sidekick 3 for ballers

If high-fashion isn't your thing, and baby tree urban camo doesn't cut it with you, but you still want to get in on some of this Limited Edition Sidekick 3 action, then you might be interested in T-Mobile's upcoming D-Wade edition. Apparently "Flash" has been an avid Sidekick user since 2004, and was personally involved in the new design, drawing on styles from luxury cars and Miami's South Beach. Turns out the number 3 is a big thing for Dwayne as well, given that whole jersey number thing and years-in-the-NBA thing, so he's made sure to highlight the numeral in gold. The back of the limited edition has "realistic basketball texturing" for increased comfort, grip and sexay, but like always with these limited editions, there isn't really a whole lot else going on here. No word on a release date, the current info we have was leaked onto the internets in PDF, but we're guessing we'll be seeing this thing hit retail sooner rather than later. Check some more pics after the break.

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