Enter the dating scene at Brooktown High [Update 1]

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|02.03.07

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Enter the dating scene at Brooktown High [Update 1]

has a hands-on preview of Brooktown High: Senior Year, the first dating sim created specifically for the US. Konami is known for their popular dating sim series Tokimeki Memorial, but it seems they are testing the waters for dating sims in the US with Brooktown High. But will US gamers fall in love with a genre that most are virgins with?

That question certainly can't be answered yet, but one can't accuse Backbone Entertainment of making a bare bones title due to the risk. In Brooktown High: Senior Year, you'll create your own guy or gal, use your school lessons to help you improve yourself for the opposite sex, and of course talk to lots and lots of potential love interests. As with any school, everyone is in different social groupings and has different expectations of what they're looking for in a significant other, so you'll have to deal with them accordingly. The game also features licensed music and several mini-games to help keep your daily school day interesting. Given the success of DOAX (which was more dating sim than volleyball game), maybe Brooktown High does stand a chance of getting an A+ grade with gamers.

Brooktown High: Senior Year gets to 2nd base on PSP later this year, from Backbone Entertainment and Konami.

[Update 1: Gamespot also has a great interview along with gameplay footage available.]

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