Epic wants 40 UT3 maps, ponders platform-exclusive content

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Epic wants 40 UT3 maps, ponders platform-exclusive content
ut3Speaking with CVG, Unreal Tournament 3 producer Jeff Morris detailed Epic's goal to ship its forthcoming shooter with 30 to 40 multiplayer maps. "[That's] substantially more than other games in the genre," observed Morris; indeed, but not necessarily enough to make UT3 a genre standout. The franchise has yet to take hold on console platforms.

Perhaps, as Morris suggests, Epic would boost UT3's console presence by offering exclusive content for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 through post-release updates. While certainly a bonus, offering platform-exclusive content is becoming standard practice. Where UT3 could really shine is through user mod support. If epic could coerce Sony and particularly Microsoft into opening their consoles up to user-created content it would put UT3 into a unique class of console FPS unto itself.
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