1Passwd 2.3 brings new UI, folders, 1Click Login Bookmarks and more to browser keychain tool

1Passwd from Agile Web Solutions is one of those browser addons that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, as if its developers had an epiphany while laying in a field of not-too-prickly grass on a perfectly warm, sunny day, asking themselves: "how can we make the world a better place?"

Which browser does 1Passwd work with, you ask? Why, just about all of them. This password and identity manager integrates with nearly every major Mac OS X browser, including Safari, Firefox, Camino and OmniWeb, as well as DEVONagent and even NetNewsWire, to bring Keychain nirvana and multiple identity autofill to website forms (that's right: Firefox can use the Keychain, thanks to 1Passwd). In other words: it's an über-Keychain for your browsers, allowing you to stop caring about which one you're using, where you saved that forum's password or how you're going to fill out the umpteenth store registration. And as you might have guessed from my introduction: I kind of like 1Passwd, and a recent upgrade to v2.3 offers even more to rave about.

Most noticeably, the new version ushers in a fresh new UI, shedding the old 'n busted brushed metal for the unified look that's all the craze with 3rd party developers and lovers of good-looking software. Don't be fooled though; the new features are far more than skin deep. Folders and smart folders are now in full effect, allowing for more flexible organization of your unruly collection of logins. Another really slick new feature is 1Click Login Bookmarks, which allow you to save a bookmark with specific login credentials - perfect for sites at which you have multiple credentials. Goodbye, tedious logging in/out all day!

Plenty of other new and updated features are detailed in this blog post, and many of 1Passwd's major features, such as Firefox integration and Palm/Treo syncing, have screenshots or video demonstrations on its product page (scroll down for all the goods). A demo is available, while a single license costs a mere $30, with a 3-license family pack for $40.