Who to enhance with a gaming face-lift?

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Alexander Sliwinski
February 4th, 2007
Who to enhance with a gaming face-lift?
Frodo et al. over at The Weekly Geek compiled the games that could use a makeover, but only in the most superficial sense. They aren't talking about gameplay, they are just asking about Nip/Tuck style upgrade to bring their old beauty back to the surface. As the perfect example they use Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES, which took Mario Bros. 1-3 (Japan SMB 2 included) and gave them a graphics upgrade -- it was fantastic. And for those that remember it, makes us wonder why Super Mario Bros. is on the Wii Virtual Console with its tired look, instead of the great makeover.

Here are some of the games Weekly Geek suggested for makeover:
  • Mega Man 2 - "Mega Man 2 really needs the Powered Up treatment. Enhanced music, a level editor, expanded gameplay ... Just put it on something a bit more accessible than the PSP, mmkay?"
  • Maniac Mansion - "A Wii version with beautiful hand-drawn characters and voice acting would basically make me weep with joy."
  • Secret of Mana - "One of the most visually and audibly stunning titles on the SNES, but imagine it on a current system with Squeenix's Mana lineup. Lush environments, fully orchestrated soundtrack, cutscenes and online co-op would make this classic even classic-er."
  • The Legend of Zelda - "I would love to see a Mario All-Stars treatment for Zelda. Imagine Zelda 1 and 2 with Link to the Past or Minish Cap quality graphics and remixed music ... We got a remake of the first Metroid a couple of years ago, why not your biggest cash cow, Nintendo? I'd drop a cool 1000 Wii points on that title in a heartbeat."
  • Final Fantasy VII - "Rumored, speculated, rumored some more, an updated FF7 has been the holy grail for Final Fantasy fanboys ... imagine, if you will, that entire soundtrack performed by a full, real live orchestra. Beauty."
It is disheartening to see "classic" games being dragged out on Xbox Live Arcade and Wii's VC without some noticeable graphics enhancement. Granted, the pessimist in all of us says they're just cheap grabs for cash. But imagine if they had that graphics upgrade, then they'd be cheap grabs for cash that we'd be totally fine with. So, what games would you put under the knife for purely superficial enhancement?
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