Focal / DLO offer up PowerBug AC-to-USB power adapter

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.05.07

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Focal / DLO offer up PowerBug AC-to-USB power adapter
Okay, so Focal's latest charging gizmo comes bundled with a cable that plays nice with your shiny (and colorful) new vivid Shuffle (or your "old" silver edition), but realistically, the PowerBug isn't much more than a snazzy AC-to-USB power adapter. Weighing in at around 40 grams, this device reportedly handles 100 to 240-volt plugs and works well with worldwide adapter prongs, and essentially turns any AC outlet you may run across into a charging station for anything that utilizes USB to suck down power. Namely, just about every iPod that relies on your trusty USB port for energy can befriend this here gadget, along with NAV systems and USB battery chargers. The plug itself sports a green LED that gives you an indication of how the whole charging process is going, and while Focal doesn't seem to give mention to a little company dubbed DLO, the blatant branding leads us to believe that it'll be sold under that accessory maker's product line. Nevertheless, if you're finding yourself closer to power outlets than electrified USB connectors during your travels, you can pick up your own PowerBug now for $22.99.

[Via NewLaunches]
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