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LG's BH100 HD DVD / Blu-ray player officially hits stores

After the world's first HD DVD / Blu-ray hybrid player has been talked about forever, showcased at CES, rumored around a bit more, received a price tag, hit a potential production snag, shown up in stores anyway, withstood a review, and smiled real pretty for the camera, what else is there to do? Ah, yes, we must make things official. Nearly three weeks after LG's BH100 went on sale in a variety of big box retailers, the player is just now becoming an item that's "officially on sale," and should be taking over the DVD player section of your nearest Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA locations. No, it's not receiving any kind of price cut just yet, and it still doesn't rock the official HD DVD seal of approval, but now you can pick up a two-in-one player of your very own with LG's belated acknowledgement.