Optimus mini three finds a new, mysterious home

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Optimus mini three finds a new, mysterious home
While Art Lebedev's Optimus mini three keyboard hasn't exactly been a runaway success, it certainly has picked up its share of fans, among which Canadian company Epiphan Systems can count themselves as a card-carrying member, even going so far as to resell the device. Not content with simply being a provider of the peripheral, however, the company's now taking their Lebedev fandom to the next logical extension, going all out and integrating the mini three into one of its own products. Exactly what that product is, however, seems to be a bit of a mystery, although judging from the other devices company offers, it would seem to either be a frame grabber or a recording or broadcasting device of some sort. Those keeping track of all things Optimus may also be interested to know that the company's let word out that production on the custom OLEDs for the long-awaited Optimus 103 keyboard has started, which supposedly keeps the keyboard on track for a release sometime this year. Given the history of the device, however, we'd advice taking a wait and see approach.

[Via Slash Gear]
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