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Apple asks FCC for iPhone confidentiality until June 15th

Who's going to crack first? Sure, the FCC is going to be sitting on the External Photos, Internal Setup, Test Setup Photos and a User Manual, all of which Apple has specifically asked it to keep confidential (not to mention all that proprietary stuff Apple doesn't want the FCC to reveal ever), making a teensy slip-up here or there all the more tantalizing, but Apple's going to be sitting on millions of dollars worth of sales, not to mention quite a few Chinese rip-off experts and LG's own Prada look-alike, so that June 15th date could prove plenty tempting for the both of them to shatter. Supposedly Cingular sent out an email today confirming June as the month, but we don't have a copy on hand, and sometimes we wonder how much more info Cingular has than we do. Still, a pre-June launch sounds pretty unlikely, and with that June 15th date floating around, a 15th or 16th launch seems like a reasonable conjecture.

[Thanks, Steve C and Phil]