The Wii Boxing Glove: lowered expectations sold separately

While there's a couple of options to help those looking to add an extra dash of authenticity to Wii Golf or Tennis, not to mention that all-purpose foam donut for driving games, those needing some help reconciling the incongruous Wiimote and nunchuck with the act of boxing so far haven't been so fortunate. Thankfully, someone's decided to fill in that questionable gap, releasing the "easy to use" Wii Boxing Glove, which promises to "enhance the joy of playing" for the low, low price of $22. As the image above helpfully illustrates, you simply pop your standard issue controllers into the gloves and start swinging, with the padding providing some sure-to-be-needed protection against your added enthusiasm. Now, if someone would just figure out how to make the Wiimote a little more like a baseball bat, we'd be all set.