JoyTech planning bevy of Wiimote add-ons: the onslaught begins

With a controller as add-on-friendly as Nintendo's Wiimote, we knew it was just a matter of time before peripheral makers everywhere hopped on the sure-to-be-overcrowded bandwagon of completely unnecessary adornments. That sleek, handheld device we once knew and loved will soon become the literal center of attention if JoyTech's smorgasbord of accessories gets ahold of it. While we knew a steering wheel contraption was coming down the pike, it looks like JoyTech is beating everyone else to the punch by unveiling a slew of Wiicessories that are supposed to "enhance your gameplay," but stand a good chance of just adding unwanted girth. Nevertheless, we know the firm is pumping out a racing grip, golf grip, and racket grip to help hone your Wii Sports skills, while offering up Wii Silicon Gloves in a range of colors to presumably prevent the awful scenario only known as butterfingers from happening in your living room. Lastly, the Wii Power Station boasts dual battery packs, recharging ports, and a retractable cable to store your Nunchuck. While we've no idea how much money you'll end up pouring into that fanciful controller, you can find these hanging around Wii displays shortly after tomorrow night's launch.

[Via Joystiq]