Nintendo's Wiimote: innovative controller, or potent weapon?

While there's always the chance you'll be bludgeoned or shot up while holding down the fort for your chance to snag a Playstation 3, those who take the (presumably) easier route and grab a Nintendo Wii may be buying an accident waiting to happen. Those oh-so-cautious execs over at Wally World have already passed on their chance to install Wii demo kiosks due to "safety concerns," and even those testing it out in GameStop will be keenly watched. In preparation for Wiiday, 1UP has sacrificed some of its own men and women to ensure that all that pent-up excitement (not to mention the effects of sleep deprivation) doesn't lead to a Wiinjury. Although the big N fully expects everyone grasping a Wiimote to buckle up (to their wrist) first, we all know that's not likely to happen -- so you should probably take precautions to avoid getting butterfingers, tennis elbow, entangled, strangled, cancer (saywha?), and a whole host of other potential wounds. While you're brushing up on those Wii reviews, make sure you hit the read link to see just how dangerous that cutesy controller can be.

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